Video – Geothermal Play Area Mapping, a U.S. case study

Video – Geothermal Play Area Mapping, a U.S. case study Play Based Exploration Pyramid (screenshot)
Alexander Richter 8 Jun 2020

This webinar presentations looks into adapting play area mapping in the exploration approach from the oil & gas sector to geothermal, based on a case study on exploring the geothermal potential in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia in the U.S.

We were pointed out to this interesting presentation looking at an interesting angle to take experiences from the oil and gas sector and possibilities of applying those on geothermal.

In this online presentation exploration advisor Tina Rasmussen of Danish company WellPerform explains the work and the results of a recent study screening the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia for geothermal resources using Play Area Mapping. She explains how it is possible to make a high level screening of a very large area in just a couple of months. The results can then be used to scope out more detailed studies with local focus. The work was carried out for Southern Company in collaboration with  partner Petrolern LLC.

The approach to the Play area mapping looks into the basis on data mining and a data management framework, followed by a data synthesis, or the so called basin focus. Then in the time frame of months, play-s specific datasets are created and it is looked at creating a “play” inventory, or the so called Play Focus. … then the longer term (years) looking into identifying focus areas, creating prospect inventory and select the prospect portfolio, so called Prospect Focus.


This presentation and approach could be interesting in the context of tapping into the oil and gas know-how for geothermal exploration. It is believed that such a systematic approach, adopted from oil and gas exploration, could be required for geothermal energy to mature as an industry.