Video report from the opening of the GDC direct use pilot project, Kenya

Video screenshot, Kenya Broadcasting Corp.
Alexander Richter 10 Sep 2015

In this short video piece shown by local media in Kenya, an overview is given from the inauguration of the pilot project showcasing some of the elements of the project.

Last week, we reported on the successful inauguration of the geothermal direct use pilot project of GDC in Kenya. Today, we found a short video piece that ran in local media in Kenya.

It shows some of the facilities of the project. Some familiar faces in the audience there. 😉

The Geothermal Development Company “successfully piloted the direct utilization of steam in a move aimed at diversifying geothermal use apart from power generation. A pilot project in Menengai has seen geothermal used for laundry services, milk pasteurization as well as fish and tomato farming. Energy Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge welcomed the idea and challenged investors to upscale the pilot projects into commercial ventures to drive industrialization and job creation.”