Vulcan Energy to conduct 3D seismic surveys within exploration license area in Germany

Vulcan Energy to conduct 3D seismic surveys within exploration license area in Germany Insheim geothermal power plant, Germany (source: Vulcan Energy Resources)
Carlo Cariaga 27 Jul 2022

Eight local councils have given approval for Vulcan Energy to conduct 3D seismic surveys in aid of the Zero Carbon Lithium Project.

Vulcan Energy Resources Limited (Vulcan) has secured approvals from eight local councils to carry out a 3D seismic survey across the Company’s license area in the Rhineland-Palatinate state in Germany. This will assist in future drill planning in support of the Zero Carbon Lithium project.

The following councils have voted in favor of the 3D seismic surveys:

  • City of Laundaun der Pfalz
  • Municipality of Herxheim bei Landau Pfalz
  • Municipality of Rohrbach
  • Municipality of Insheim
  • Municipality of Offenbach an der Queich
  • Municipality of Billingheim-Ingenheim
  • Municipality of Impflingen
  • Municipality of Erlenbach bei Kandel

Pre-design is currently ongoing for the survey work. The survey itself is expected to start by September 2022. New data from the survey will complement existing 3D seismic data that Vulcan has acquired following an agreement with Rhein Petroleum GmbH. There is more seismic data expected to be available following ongoing purchase discussions.

Vulcan also announced an expansion of the license area by 277 sq. km. with the addition of an exploration license in Ried to a total of 1,440 sq. km. Earlier this year, we reported on the acquisition of new exploration licenses by Vulcan that expanded its license area to 1,163 sq. km.

“We welcome the decision of the eight councils in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate for Vulcan to commence 3D seismic work, as we continue to experience increasing positive momentum at a local level for the Zero Carbon Lithium Project. So far, all local votes for Vulcan’s work plan applications in our Phase 1 area have been positive, which is a strong endorsement for our Project, as well as for the reputation and professionalism for the Vulcan team; many of whom have worked in the geothermal industry and the local area for many years.” said Vulcan Managing Director Dr. Francis Wedin.

Source: Vulcan Energy Resources Limited