Webinar – Building the future of energy with O&G expertise, geothermal – June 16, 2020

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Alexander Richter 11 Jun 2020

How can oil & gas expertise be pivoted for work in the geothermal sector is the topic of a webinar organised by Rocky Mountain Members in Transition (effort by AAPG, SPE, WOGA, DWLS and RMAG). 16 June 2020.

Rocky Mountain Members in Transition (MiT), a joint effort of members of AAPG, SPE, WOGA, DWLS and RMAG (Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists), invites to a webinar on “Building the Future of Energy with O&G Expertise: Planning Your Geothermal Pivot” with Jamie Beard, Executive Director, Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization (GEO) at The University of Texas at Austin. In the webinar she will discuss the promise of geothermal as an avenue of transition for oil and gas industry workers.

Interest in geothermal energy as a strategic diversification that leverages the core competencies of the oil and gas industry has increased significantly over the past year. There are short, mid and long term plays for oil and gas – all scalable. Public and private investment will be required to enable the mid and long term plays. Governments around the world are considering moves currently as part of COVID related stimulus for the oil and gas industry to spur a “boom” in geothermal development.

Join us to discover how you might incorporate geothermal into your pivoting plan! Also visit the Petroleum Pivoters Geothermal web page for a wealth of information on pivoting with geothermal energy.

More on Jamie Beard: Jamie serves as Executive Director of the University of Texas at Austin’s DOE funded Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization (GEO), an organization that she founded in 2019. An energy and regulatory attorney by training, Jamie became engaged in geothermal energy nearly two decades ago in her undergraduate education. She worked closely with the oil and gas industry during her time on the executive team of an MIT startup developing a directional drilling technology, and believes that the oil and gas industry, through its workforce, scale and technological capabilities, holds the key to enabling the future of geothermal energy.

Attention (note by RMAG): You do not need to be an RMAG member to register. Simply select the number of tickets you want and click the RSVP button [via the link here or below].

Source: Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists