Webinar – GeoSilica, silica from geothermal brine, June 4, 2021

Webinar – GeoSilica, silica from geothermal brine, June 4, 2021 Webinar announcement
Alexander Richter 31 May 2021

Learn more about how a company from Iceland extracts silica from geothermal brine for the production of food supplement products now shipped globally.

This week’s webinar by will feature a presentation by Fida Abu Libdeh of Icelandic company GeoSilica titled: “GeoSilica – deriving value from geothermal brine”

  • Day: Friday June 4, 2021
  • Time: 14:00 CEST

The story of GeoSilica in Iceland, is an exciting story of not only entrepreneurship and innovation, but also highlights the great opportunities geothermal energy offers.

The company was started the company with almost no funding, but plenty of passion and drive to succeed. The founder and CEO Fida Abu Libdeh was inspired by the ravaging power and purity of Iceland and that is our benchmark when developing products with raw and powerful effects, bringing out raw beauty in the process.

GeoSilica develops daily supplements that naturally renews the body from within. By using advanced technology and the minerals found in Iceland’s volcanic earth, GeoSilica’s products are always 100% natural and pure.

GeoSilica has developed 5 different products. The original signature product PURE is the first product launched in 2015, containing pure Icelandic water and Silica. The product’s good review from consumers is what inspired the company to do even better with adding 3 new products to the market in the fall of 2017. RENEW; with added copper and zink to benefit hair, skin and nails, RECOVER; with added magnesium to benefit muscles and nerves and REPAIR; with added manganese to benefit joints and bones. In the summer of 2019 the company launched REFOCUS; with added Vitamin D & Iron for the normal function of Mind & Energy.

Registration for the webinar here.