Webinar: The opportunity of Minewater Geothermal in Scotland, 29 Jan 2020

Drillers pulling up core samples at the the UK Geoenergy Observatory in Glasgow (source: British Geological Survey)
Alexander Richter 9 Dec 2019

A webinar scheduled for 29 January 2020, will be looking how minewater geothermal is presenting an international opportunity.

Scottish Enterprise will be running a webinar on Scotland’s minewater geothermal opportunity on 29 January 2020 – 02:00pm to 04:00pm. The purpose of the webinar is to publicise the investment opportunities in Scotland for minewater geothermal projects.

The Global warming crisis has highlighted the urgent need for solutions required to help countries to limit their environmental impact through the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions. Scotland is an international leader in combating climate change however there is much more to be done both in Scotland and around the world.

This webinar will explore how the use of geothermal heat from mine-water could help on the journey to be a net carbon zero country and how your business could help. The decarbonisation of heat in Scotland is a major opportunity for companies with technologies and expertise in a variety of industries. Heat currently accounts for 52% of Scotland’s energy demand and 41% of carbon emissions. As a result, meeting the target to reach zero by 2045 will be largely dependent in progress on decarbonising heat.

By 2032, the Scottish Government has set a target for 35% of heat for domestic buildings and 70% of heat and cooling for non-domestic buildings to be supplied using low carbon heat technologies. The combination of high heat consumption (as a proportion of total nation energy consumption) and highly ambitious greenhouse gas targets?means that Scotland has an earlier and greater need for low carbon heating solutions than other countries.

Mine-water geothermal is potentially a crucial technology for the decarbonisation of Scotland’s heat supply. 600km3 of flooded mine-workings sit under Scotland’s populated Central Belt region, potentially providing between 8-40% of national heat demand.

This webinar will provide an overview of Scotland’s net zero ambitions, introduce a world leading geothermal testing facility in Glasgow, and provide an overview of Scotland’s unique mine-water geothermal investment opportunity.

The following speakers are confirmed: Andy McDonald, Head of Low Carbon at Scottish Enterprise Professor Zoe Shipton, Professor of Geological Engineering at the University of Strathclyde Dr Alison Monaghan, Geologist at the British Geological Survey.

Source: Scottish Enterprise – Webinar Registration