Wide international support for Africa Clean Energy Corridor

Power transmission lines in Kenya (source: flickr/ aaron.knox, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 22 Jan 2014

The Africa Clean Energy Corridor, an effort led by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) sees wide international support and will help deliver renewable energy, e.g. through geothermal and wind across the East African corridor.

The growing economies in East Africa are all facing a major challenge and this is a surging energy demand. It is therefore no wonder that energy development of all kinds is on the mind of all of those countries.

While renewable energy technologies are seen as a great option, essentially it seems that the priority is in getting as many MWs up as possible. But cross-border energy supply is seen as a great opportunity by some of the countries and could deliver green power across the region.

So the initiative of the Africa Clean Energy Corridor has been established to help deliver power from renewable energy sources across the region.

The effort is led by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and the stakeholders believe a regional approach can attract the most investment and optimize the renewable energy mix. The corridor will span eastern Africa, from Cairo to Cape Town, where transmission infrastructure is being built to meet growing energy demand.

With renewable energy projects, e.g. wind and large scale geothermal in Ethiopia, there are hopes that the increasing energy demand can be fuelled by renewable energy through new transmission infrastructure.

IRENA will facilitate the large-scale, transborder initiative by among others, identifying renewable energy development zones — areas of high potential — where solar, wind, geothermal or biomass projects would be clustered, facilitating government planning and fostering new financing models.

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Source: GreenBiz