World Bank Podcast: Geothermal from promise to power

World Bank Podcast: Geothermal from promise to power Drilling crew at Menengai, Kenya (source: flickr/ GDC5000)
Alexander Richter 11 Sep 2015

A recent podcast from the World Bank discussed the opportunities for geothermal particularly in the context of Africa, and features short interviews with Power Africa, the African Development Bank and the Climate Policy Initiative.

With some specific focus on Africa, a recently published podcast by World Bank talks about the opportunities in geothermal. It includes several interview pieces with some interesting individuals from organizations such as Power Africa, African Development Bank, the Climate Policy Initiative.

Financing and some of the challenges are being discussed, all in the context of the great opportunities for geothermal in the East African Rift Valley. The World Banki, in this piece, asks for the momentum to support the development of geothermal energy to be used to scale up financing needed to increase development efforts.

Source: World Bank via Soundcloud