Wyoming to conduct a state-wide geothermal resource evaluation

Wyoming to conduct a state-wide geothermal resource evaluation Coal mine, Gilette, Wyoming/ U.S. (source: flickr/ Greg Goebel, creative commons)
Carlo Cariaga 12 Apr 2022

Petrolern will provide consultancy services to the Wyoming Energy Authority for the state-wide assessment of geothermal use for power generation and direct use applications.

The Wyoming Energy Authority has engaged with technology and services company Petrolern LLC to do a state-wide geothermal resource analysis. The evaluation contract will include an assessment of potential geothermal use in Wyoming for electricity production, direct use, and heat pump applications. A study on the potential of Petrolern’s Synthetic Geothermal Reservoir (SGR) application will also be done.

“The Wyoming Energy Authority is excited to partner with Petrolern to study and better understand the geothermal energy opportunities that exist in Wyoming. Geothermal technology aligns well with our all-of-the-above net-zero energy strategy, and we hope to see it as a complement to all of the resources our office is exploring.” commented Kaeci Daniels of the Wyoming Energy Authority.

“We thank Petrolern for the thoughtfulness they’ve already contributed to the development of this study, and we look forward to seeing the final results.” Daniels added.

Wyoming is considered an area that is rich in energy resources. Although there have been projects documenting the surface manifestations of a potential geothermal resource in the state, there are currently no public studies assessing the economic feasibility of developing this resource.

“There are several prominent sedimentary basins with significant development that may be an opportunity for wells repurposing. Wyoming has also other abundant energy resources that we will examine as inputs to SGR for thermal energy storage in the subsurface.” said Petrolern Geothermal Lead Dr. Joseph Batir.

SGR is a subsurface battery concept that was developed by Petrolern. It uses the subsurface as a storage medium for thermal energy collected from various renewable sources. It seeks to provide weather-independent and renewable baseload energy to provide on-demand electrical power using stored heat.

Petrolern LLC is a leading-edge technology-focused energy company working on subsurface solutions for carbon storage, geothermal energy, and cleaner oil and gas. In 2021, Petrolern was identified to provide consultancy services for the development of geothermal power in Colombia, as we reported.