Yes there is something like geothermal pizza in Naples, Italy

Geothermal Pizza - video screenshot (Source: Deutsche Welle)
Alexander Richter 25 Nov 2016

There is something like a Geothermal Pizza, unique to Naples in Italy, where a pizzeria is maturing its low-yeast pizza dough in caves below the surface.

We have been writing about geothermal food supplements, a the utlimate geothermal BBQ in Lanzarote, and now we stumble across a “geothermal pizza”.

Reported by Deutsche Welle, a pizzaria in Naples in Sicily/ Italy is maturing its low-yeast pizza dough in caves of tuff for up to 36 hours.

The “resulting geothermal pizza” is said to be selling like hot cakes in this birthplace of Italian pizza.

Even the Basilica is being grown underneath the ground in the cellars below the pizzeria.

You can watch the video here: