Yukon’s geothermal energy potential discussed in recent CBC article

Main Street in Whitehorse, Yukon/ Canada (source: flickr/ Arthur Chapman, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 24 Sep 2011

Main stream media in Canada is picking up on the enormous geothermal potential of Canada, with CBC now covering the geothermal potential in the Yukon in a recent piece.

Canadian Broadcasting Company reports on the the geothermal potential in the Yukon in the Northwest of Canada.

This is yet another follow up article on the report by the Geological Survey of Canada that looks into the geothermal resource potential of the country. It is great to see that media is picking up on the geothermal potential of the country, particularly in the regions with the greatest potential.

In Canada  “the highest potential for producing electrical power is certainly in the West and the North, British Columbia, Northern Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories,” Stephen Grasby, co-writer of the report and a scientist with the Geological Survey said. He also says that  “geothermal electrical generating stations are used in many countries around the world and that many areas of Canada have the potential to produce such power”.

Grasby said many countries use geothermal generation stations economically but the initial cost can be very high. The technology, he said, would be well suited to power remote communities.

Source: CBC