Zorlu Enerji adds 33 MW to the grid at its Alasehir II project in Turkey

Zorlu Enerji adds 33 MW to the grid at its Alasehir II project in Turkey Alasehir geothermal plant, Turkey by Zorlu Enerji (source: alternatifenerji)
Alexander Richter 18 Sep 2015

Zorlu Enerji completes first phase of its Alasehir II geothermal project bringing 33 MW flash plant online in Turkey. A 12 MW binary addition is expected to come online as well in the coming months.

Reported from Turkey this week, Zorlu Enerji has announced the completion of phase I of its Alasehir II geothermal project.  The project is located in the province of Manisa in the Western part of Turkey. It is a hybrid flash-binary plant optimised for high non-condensing gas content in the brine.

Zorlu Enerji Electricity Generation A? (Zorlu Energy) is the 100 percent shareholder Zorlu Geothermal Energy Electricity Generation A? and has invested around $153 million into this project.

After completing reliability test of the 33.73 MW geothermal steam turbine by Toshiba (dual flash), Zorlu has brought it online to the national grid.

The combined flash-binary plant will have a total installed capacity of 45 MW when completed. It is expected that the 11.27 MW binary unit for the plant will be commissioned in the coming months. When finished Zorlu will have a total geothermal power generation capacity of 140 MW.

Zorlu Enerji is currently expanding its Kizildere I and II with a total installed capacity of 95 MW of geothermal plants.  Commissioning for Phase I started in May and a detailed study by Turkey’s Department of Energy earlier this month, allowed commercial production this week.

Turkey has been one of the key drivers for geothermal development worldwide. From an installed capacity of 250 MW less than 5 years ago, the country has now jumped over the threshold of 500 MW of installed geothermal power generation capacity and is expected to reach an installed capacity of 1,000 MW by 2023.

Zorlu Enerji is thereby one of the leading companies.


Zorlu Enerji Group today operates four natural gas power plants, 7 hydroelectric power plants, 2 geothermal power plant, with production of two wind farms with a total portfolio of 745 MW in Turkey.

Source: Enerji Gunlugu