Zorlu Enerji secures guarantee for $0.112/ kWh FIT for Alasehir and Kizildere plants

Kizildere geothermal plant, Turkey (source:
Alexander Richter 14 Dec 2015

Zorlu Enerji secures USD based feed-in-tariff guarantee of $0.112/ kWh for its Kizildere II and Alasehir I geothermal power plants from Turkey's Energy Market Regulatory Board.

Turkish energy developer Zorlu Enerji’s applications to Turkey’s Energy Market Regulatory Board (EMRA) regarding the participation of its Gökçeda? wind power plant, K?z?ldere II and Ala?ehir I geothermal power plants to the Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (“YEKDEM”), which grants USD based feed-in tariff guarantees to renewable energy based power plants, have been approved. Afore-mentioned power plants will sell their entire output to YEKDEM in 2016.

Gökçeda? wind power plant will sell its electricity at a feed-in tariff of $0.073/kWh while K?z?ldere II and Ala?ehir I geothermal power plants will sell at a feed-in tariff of $0.105/kWh plus an additional tariff of $0.07/kWh, which is provided for local content at power plants.

The additional tariff has been mentioned at the GeoPower event earlier this year and is the reason why most of the turbine suppliers now produce their turbines for the geothermal market in Turkey in the country, so projects can profit on the additional tariff.

Source: Zorlu Enerji