Zorlu Enerji with geothermal projects of up to 300 MW in Turkey

Kizildere geothermal plant, Turkey (source:
Alexander Richter 3 Sep 2015

In a recent interview, Ibrahim Sinan AK, CEO of Zorlu Enerji talks about up to 300 MW in total generation capacity potential for its geothermal projects in Turkey and the company's interest in international investment in Africa and Indonesia.

In a recent interview given to The World Folio, Ibrahim Sinan Ak, the CEO of Turkish Zorlu Enerji gave some insight on his companies renewable energy efforts.

When starting with Zorlu Enerji he steered the company towards a new vision based on geothermal, wind and solar energy. The company essentially wanted to secure power for its own factories and this is the main reason why the company went into the energy sector.

Focusing on local resources, the company focuses on renewable energy projects and plans to invest into solar in the near future. Zorlu Enerji sees itself as the only major company investing in geothermal. With its current portfolio of projects, the company can expect a geothermal power generation capacity of up to 300 MW in Turkey.

But the company is also looking beyond Turkey’s borders. With operations today in Turkey, Pakistan, Russia and Israel, Zorlu Enerji is also looking at international investments. Mr. Ak particularly mentions the potential for geothermal development in Africa and Indonesia.

So it will be interesting to follow up with Zorlu Enerji and see how development in Turkey and internationally will evolve.

For the full interview, that provides a good insight into Zorlu Enerji’s activities see link below.

Source: The World Folio