Zuerich geothermal project won´t see additional drilling

Alexander Richter 13 Feb 2010

The Triemli project in Zuerich, Switzerland won´t see additional drilling, as the current exploration well shows that utilization of geothermal heat is not economically feasible.

In local news from Zuerich, Switzerland it is reported that there won´t be drilled a second well  at the Triemli project. According to the piece, it seems to be not feasible to utilize geothermal heat to the extend needed and the city council has therefore decided not to pursue this further.

The drilling on the first exploration well will be continued to explore the future possibility of geothermal utilization in Zuerich in Switzerland.

The city would like to figure out, if and if so with what technology it could be feasible to use geothermal heat from the well. The well has reached a depth of 2,434 meters in th eend of January, where the local utility is epxloring the subsurface. The main target has thereby been reached.

The exploration drilling, started in November 2009, has reached the target depth at the base (kristallin) after 75 drilling days without any incidents, such as seismic activities, noise or accidents.

Initial plans targeted a depth of 3,200 meters, but current tests show that it is not necessary to drill that deep to gain necessary knowledge about the resource. Against plans, not enough water carrying layers were discovered and the existing water is not sufficient for an economically feasible utilization for heating purposes.

The drilling rig will likely be on site and continue drilling until mid-March.”

Source: Neue Zuercher Zeitung, NZZ (in German)