Zurich, Switzerland selected to host European Geothermal Congress 2025

Zurich, Switzerland selected to host European Geothermal Congress 2025 Announcement of Switzerland as host country for EGC 2025 (source: ThinkGeoEnergy)
Carlo Cariaga 27 Oct 2022

Zurich, Switzerland will be the host city of the 2025 European Geothermal Congress with Geothermie Schweiz and EGEC as co-organizers.

With more than 1300 participants, the 2022 European Geothermal Congress (EGC) was a great success in bringing together the stakeholders from the entire geothermal community. At the end of the event, European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) President Miklos Antics announced that Zurich, Switzerland will be hosting the next EGC taking place on 2025 with Geothermie Schweiz as the co-organizer.

Cédric Höllmüller from Geothermie Schweiz gave a few words after the announcement: “Our motivation is to connect the different actors from economy, finance, authorities, suppliers and engineers to create a real geothermal value chain, accelerate the geothermal market, and integrate geothermal energy into the European energy mix. This is our mission for 2025. We will do our best and use all the knowledge we have to show that the geothermal actors can help to solve the challenges we face in energy in Europe.”

We congratulate Geothermie Schweiz for this successful selection and are looking forward to EGC 2025. A  video of the announcement can be viewed below:


Source: EGEC