9th UK Geothermal Symposium – 14 to 15 November 2022, Burlington House, London

9th UK Geothermal Symposium – 14 to 15 November 2022, Burlington House, London Burlington House, London (source: Tony Hisgett / flickr, Creative Commons)
Carlo Cariaga 26 Oct 2022

Registration is still open for both in-person and virtual attendance to the 9th UK Geothermal Symposium on November 14 to 15, 2022.

The 9th UK Geothermal Symposium will be taking place on November 14 to 15, 2022. The event will be conducted in hybrid format. In-person attendance will be at the Burlington House in London and virtual attendance will also be possible. Registration is currently still open via this link.

Development of the UK’s geothermal resources to provide heat and power is gaining pace in-line with demands for urgent climate action. Headlining from Cornwall, two much anticipated commercial deep geothermal energy projects are being developed following over a decade of preparation. Mine water thermal energy is also gaining major traction across the former coal mining areas of the country with NE England taking the lead. The first mine water heating project is delivering MW’s of low-carbon heat to Lanchester Wines in Gateshead and two more will be operational within 12 months. Innovation in repurposing of oil and gas industry assets is becoming a reality. Examples of hot sedimentary aquifer exploration and development in Ireland and Northern Ireland have been driven by a great example of linked up policy and research agendas.

The 9th UK Geothermal Symposium will showcase the latest developments in the UK’s geothermal sector over 2 days. Day 1 includes sessions on policy, finance, business development and a panel discussion on the position of geothermal in the UK energy mix. Day 2 includes sessions on UK updates, innovation, international, society and education.

This Symposium is for everyone who wants an update on the latest and largest developments in the UK geothermal sector, and is aimed at investors, developers, industrial energy users, policy makers and geological researchers.

Source: Geological Society of London