Heat main completed at the Eden Geothermal Project in Cornwall, UK

Heat main completed at the Eden Geothermal Project in Cornwall, UK Installation of the heat main at the Eden Geothermal project site, Cornwall, UK (source: YouTube screenshot / Eden Geothermal YouTube channel)
Carlo Cariaga 3 Oct 2022

The installation of the heat main for the Eden Geothermal project site has been completed to supply the Eden Energy Centre with heat from the deep geothermal borehole.

The installation of the 3.8-kilometer heat main that will supply heat to the Eden Project’s biomes, greenhouses, and other buildings from a geothermal well has been completed. This is a follow-up to an article we published on January of this year about the start of the installation of the heat main.

The heat main consists of two 150-mm steel pipes (one supply and one return) placed in a common trench, each covered in a thick layer of insulation. Almost the entire heat main was installed underground, reducing the footprint of the project. As a testament to the quality of insulation around the pipe, the temperature of the water within the pipe remains a constant 95 degrees Celsius. OnSite Pipelines was the contractor responsible for the heat main installation.

Sustainable construction methods were practiced to both enhance and protect the environment after the heat main installation. Gabion baskets were used to support above-ground pipes and all soft ground trenches were reinstated with topsoil and seeded flower mix. A hibernaculum was also constructed to provide a habitat for insects.

The heat main is a closed loop system that collects heat from the heat exchanger at the Eden Geothermal well site. This heat will then be delivered via the main line to the Eden energy centre and new nursery on the main Eden Project site. Heat from the heat main will be extracted by two heat exchanges for supply to the biomes and the new plant nursery.

The full geothermal heat network is expected to be operational by early 2023. Earlier this year, Eden Geothermal published a video tour of the company’s drilling rig and operations in Cornwall, UK.

Source: Eden Geothermal