CNBC on Iceland’s Deep Drilling project

CNBC on Iceland’s Deep Drilling project Flow test of the IDDP-1 well at Krafla, Iceland (source: Kristján Einarsson)
Francisco Rojas 6 Jan 2015

The Iceland Deep Drilling Project 2 (IDDP) has been recently been covered by CNBC. Using superheated steam could be the great next step forward for geothermal energy development.

CNBC has recently posted a news article highlighting the “Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP)—a collaboration between the National Energy Authority of Iceland, a global team of academic scientists; and the energy companies HS Energy, National Power Company and Reykjavik Energy (Alcoa and Statoil have also participated)—will begin drilling a geothermal well deep into the region’s vast volcanic field in hopes of unleashing energy from superheated steam”

This project is very innovative and aims to develop and open up new frontiers for geothermal energy development. The development of the two IDDP projects are thoroughly covered in the article and we encourage you to read it.

To read the full article, please follow the link below.

Source: CNBC