Concession granted for exploration of Neuried geothermal field, Germany

Dundenheim Gewerbegebiet, Neuried/ Germany (source:
Alexander Richter 26 Sep 2018

Geysir Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of Daldrup & Söhne AG, has been granted the concession for exploration of the Neuried geothermal claim in the Upper Rhine area of Germany.

Geysir Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of Daldrup & Söhne AG, has been granted the concession for the exploratory field in the Neuried claim by the responsible regulatory authority in Freiburg, Germany. The concession, which was awarded by the state office for geology, raw materials and mining (LGRB), gives Geysir exclusive rights to access the claim for the planned geothermal drillings.

This was reported today by Daldrup. We previously reported about the company’s plan for development of the Neuried project.

The operating plans and drilling program still have to be submitted as part of a separate approval process. Geysir will provide this information to the LGRB in a timely manner. The company will also go beyond legal requirements to inform the public about the project and the different steps that will be taken until the geothermal power plant starts operations.

“We are very happy to have been granted the concession by the Baden-Württemberg state authorities,” says Josef Daldrup, CEO of Daldrup & Söhne. “We will quickly start working on the next procedural steps. Daldrup already owns the premises for the operations. That means the drilling operations for the geothermal power plant in Neuried will be able to begin in the near future, in line with existing plans. This will provide a major push towards establishing geothermics as a type of renewable energy able to provide the base load for the region. Strasbourg can be seen as role model: The French city is diligently working towards achieving complete energy autonomy by 2050. Europe’s deepest and hottest geothermal borehole was drilled there. Further projects are already being planned.”

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