Drilling start imminent for Leeuwarden project, Netherlands

Drilling start imminent for Leeuwarden project, Netherlands Rig-up at Leeuwarden project, Netherlands (source: Waarmte Leeuwarden)
Alexander Richter 29 Jul 2021

With the drilling rig set up, drilling for the geothermal heating project by Waarmte Leeuwarden is about to start near Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

On its website the geothermal development joint venture Waarmte Leeuwarden announced that a contract was signed with DrillTec Nederland BV to supply the drilling rig for a test drilling in July-August earlier this month.

Warmte van Leeuwarden is an initiative of Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma, Ennatural, Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) and Shell. These four companies have united in a consortium and in recent years have investigated or are currently investigating the possibilities of geothermal energy in Leeuwarden. The project is planning to provide heat for local district heating networks and businesses in the Netherlands.

DrillTec is a leading and globally active drilling contractor in geothermal energy. The VarioRig VDD370.2 was chosen, this electric drilling rig is automated and meets all noise and safety standards. Well Engineering Partners (WEP) from Hoogeveen has been contracted for drilling supervision. WEP is a very experienced party that has been involved in almost all geothermal energy projects in the Netherlands.

The VarioRig has been mobilized from Germany to the Nobelweg location. After the rig has been built, it will then be possible to start drilling, which will take approximately six weeks including demobilization of the tower and the final test. The drilling itself will take approximately four weeks. (a good video from the set up for the rig can be accessed here, in Dutch)

Since then the drilling rig has been set up and the pre-spud meeting was held yesterday.

Source: Leeuwarden project website