Dutch government looking at geothermal district heating

Dutch government looking at geothermal district heating Amsterdam, The Netherlands (source: flickr/ ChrisYunker, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 3 Apr 2015

Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs: “This is a good time to modernize the heat supply and to make it more sustainable, as the gas network in many cities is in need of renovation or replacement."

The Netherlands, like many of their european neighbours have a quasi total dependence on fossil fuels for heating. This is major concern for the country’s Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs.

A local news source states that in recent year and in order to extract natural gas from underground, issues with small earthquakes are happening. The same source states that this is only going to continue in the future. Apart from this serious matter, there is also the concern for gas prices and pollution.

This is why the current government is keen on promoting new forms of heating, and they seem to be particularly interested in geothermal district heating.

“The government is currently working on reforming the laws and regulations for heat supply. They are working on a new market model in which sustainable heat will resemble the markets for electricity and gas. In the coming time, the government will also invest more in the development of heat projects. The Cabinet recently made 3.6 million euros available for exploratory drilling to extract heat from the deep earth in Westland.”

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Source: NL Times