Eavor Technologies secures geothermal exploration license in Hannover, Germany

Eavor-Lite (TM) demonstration project overview (source: Eavor Technologies)
Alexander Richter 30 Jul 2020

Canadian Eavor Technologies Inc. has secured a geothermal exploration license in Hannover, Germany planned to deploy the company's Eavor-loop (TM) closed-loop technology for heat generation and delivery into existing district heating network.

In the webinar of “Focus on Geothermal” last week by, Robert Winsloe, Executive Vice President of Eavor Technologies Inc. announced that Eavor has applied for a geothermal exploration permit in Hanover and received it a few days ago.

“With the application for an exploration license in Hanover in Germany, we chose a location with an existing heating network to contribute with our Eavor-Loop (TM) to regenerative heat supply in Hanover,” announced Robert Winsloe, at the webinar. However, there are still no detailed plans, the company is pleased that it has received the search field.

The focus in the development of Eavor is currently in the Bavarian Molasse Basin with the Geretsried project. Approval of the main operating plan is pending here in the fourth quarter. Then the construction of the drilling site should begin. Drilling is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2021.