Exergy and Turkish partner attain made-in-Turkey certification for geothermal generator

Exergy and Turkish partner attain made-in-Turkey certification for geothermal generator EXERGY’s Akça plant, Turkey (Courtesy of EXERGY)
Alexander Richter 5 Nov 2018

Italian ORC supplier Exergy and its Turkish partner Nidec have attained the made-in-Turkey certification of generators. The first generator under the certification will be installed on a 10 MW geothermal power plant for Kiper Elektrik.

In a release before the weekend, Italian ORC supplier EXERGY, and Nidec ASI, multinational specialised in heavy duty industrial applications in which high power and high performance are key, announce having finalised an exclusive collaboration leading EXERGY to attain the Turkish Certification for local manufacturing of generators.  This great result rewards two years of hard work and strong collaboration between EXERGY and NIDEC, sharing technical know-how and expertise to fulfill a strict certification procedure, meeting difficult criteria. A ceremony to celebrate this achievement was held today in Istanbul at the presence of the local Authorities and all the companies involved in this project.

The first Made-in-Turkey generator ever supplied in the Turkish market, designed by Nidec ASI, will be installed on a 10 MWe geothermal power plant for EXERGY’s customer Kiper Elektrik Üretim A.?., part of Kipa? Holding group. Thanks to the additional certification for locally manufactured generators EXERGY will allow its customer to benefit from a further 0.7 USD cent/kWh, on top of the basic feed-in-tariff rate of 10.5 USDcent/kWh and from the 1.3 USDcent/kWh bonus already granted with the local turbine and auxiliaries production, thus boosting profitability of power plants for its customers with approximately a +19% increase in revenues.

The certification procedure engaged EXERGY and NIDEC in a 9-month period of hard work and strong collaboration throughout each step of manufacturing process for all components of the generator which involved also local sub-suppliers and an accredited third-party consultant in the geothermal field for quality ISO17065 certification and international quality standard controls. The Made-in-Turkey certification was attained with a local contribution of almost 60% on the total commercial manufacturing value for the generator.

Up to date Exergy’s certified local manufacturing in Turkey counts 26 Turbines, 26 Exhaust systems, 15 Lube Oil systems, 13 Speed Control systems and 1 generator for total 13 geothermal power plants and an overall economic value of component production in Turkey of approximately 50 million Euros. An additional 3 turbines and 7 other power plant components are under manufacturing at this moment.  Thanks to the strategic alliance with NIDEC another 2 generators are already in the pipeline and will be manufactured in 2019.

EXERGY’s CEO, Claudio Spadacini comments on this success: “EXERGY Turkey has been working hard since its set up in 2014 to offer the local market a leading-edge technology at competitive commercial conditions. This second success, coming after the Made-In-Turkey certification already obtained in 2015 for our Radial Outflow Turbine, demonstrates once more EXERGY’s capability to understand and satisfy local market needs and the flexibility of our technology and manufacturing process to quickly adapt to different conditions. There was skepticism among market players that we could hit the goal of the certification for generators, as the procedure presented some challenges due to the strict criteria and standards to fulfill and to missing know how and expertise for this specific production in the Turkish market. Thanks to our valuable partner NIDEC, joining effort, commitment and skills, working together as a team with all subjects involved in the procedure, we were able to overcome difficulties and achieve this ambitious goal”. “We are therefore very proud” – concludes Spadacini – “to be the only one in the market today that can offer this opportunity to all our existing and future customers. We thank our client Kiper to have trusted us and given the opportunity to offer them the first Made-in-Turkey generator” 

“We are very satisfied with the results of this project together with Exergy which allowed us to help them meet the needs of their Customers. For us, this is a further demonstration of how our approach – side by side with our customers, designing tailor-made solutions, becoming real partners throughout the entire project – leads to results and benefits for all. Thanks to our technology and know-how, we have the outstanding ability to customize solutions for our Customers’ applications. Our objective is, in fact, to help our clients expand and grow, and by doing so, grow with them”, said Stefano Zecchinato, Operations Director Motors & Generators – Nidec ASI.

With a local manufacturing facilities in Izmir, a workforce of 20 skilled professionals and approximately 400 MWe capacity in operation or under construction in Turkey EXERGY is a leading company in the supply of Organic Rankine Cycle power plants for power generation from renewables including geothermal, biomass, solar and from waste heat recovery in industrial processes and power stations.