Extensive update on GEMex – EU-Mexico geothermal research project

Extensive update on GEMex – EU-Mexico geothermal research project Site visit of GEMex project participants, Mexico (source: GEMex)
Alexander Richter 1 Nov 2018

GEMex project, a cooperation initiative between Mexico and the European Union, has released an extensive overview on the research activities on Enhanced and super-hot geothermal systems and related.

The GEMex project has released an extensive newsletter providing an update on its activities over the last two years.

The GEMex project is a cooperation initiative between Mexico and the European Union, developed under the umbrella of the Horizon 2020 in Europe and the Fund for Energy Sustainability (FSE) in Mexico. The project has the goal to bring together the extended Mexican know-how of discovering, developing, and exploiting geothermal energy systems with a variety of European expertise from similar geothermal energy systems in Italy, Iceland, and other places. The focus is the development of the Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) technology, and the search of new approaches to make use of super-hot geothermal systems (SHGS).


It reports on study sites at Acolculco and Los Humeros geothermal fields, where GEMex focuses on resource assessment, reservoir characterization and concept development. The project aims to adapt and further develop methods and technologies at these two unconventional geothermal sites.

It also reports on main results of its activities, e.g. on preliminary 3D geologicval modles of Los Humeros and Acolculco geotheraml fields, Characterising the influence of pre-existing structures on caldera evolution by analogue modelling.

Further topics include: understainding from exhumed fossil geothermal systems, structure geology suitable for EGS development, geochemical characterization and origin of cold and thermal fluids, geophysical surveys in the geothermal fields, ongoing reservoir characterization studies, social impacts and public engagement on enhanced and superhot geothermal systems, ongoing research on drilling and completion in super-hot systems, and monitoring environmental impacts.

For details see the newsletter and corresponding links in there.

Source: GEMex Newsletter