Four new geothermal areas discovered in Thrace region, Turkey

Wells from the research by MTA in Trakya Region (source: Dr. Lütfi Taskiran / MTA Trakya Geothermal Energy Exploration Project Director)
Alexander Richter 4 Sep 2017

Turkey's General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration MTA has announced the discovery of four geothermal areas in the Thrace Region in Northwest Turkey.

Four new geothermal resources discovered by Turkey’s General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration MTA in Thrace Region (NW Turkey); Kirklareli-Asilbeyli, Tekirdag-Saray, Kirklareli-Vize and Istanbul-Silivri.

The General Directorate of MTA completed the first geothermal research drilling in 2015 at the determined locations as a result of geological and geophysical surveys for the geothermal energy that was launched in 2013 in the region.

– The first drilling at the As?lbeyli district, which is located about 5 km from the center of K?rklareli, is at a depth of 1500 m and the hot fluid at 57 C temperature and 30 lt /sec flow rate with the compressor production. The well has also about 4 lt /sec of artesian production. With these values, the first geothermal field of Thrace region was revealed.

Later investigations were extended in the region and results of the same production values were obtained in the second drilling operation with a depth of 1500 m in Tekirda?-Saray district center.

In the year of 2016, the third research drilling was carried out in K?rklareli-Vize district with a depth of 2200 m. From this drilling, the compressor has obtained a geothermal fluid at a temperature of 43 ° C and a discharge rate of about 5 lt/sec.

Lastly, in Istanbul-Silivri, the result of drilling at 1500 m depth in 2017, the hot fluid at 60 C temperature and 10 lt/sec flow rate was obtained by compressor.

With these production values, it is expected that new economic developments will be experienced in different areas, from greenhaus heating to thermal tourism, which is very close to Europe and Istanbul.

The new discoveries discovered by the General Directorate of MTA and the geothermal potential and geothermal energy research have changed drastically in the region where the geothermal components and surface data are very few.

In 2018, studies will continue in the region and geothermal in Edirne province is targeted to be uncovered.

Source: report by our sister publication JeotermalHaberler

News Source and Photograph: Dr. Lütfi Taskiran / MTA Trakya Geothermal Energy Exploration Project Director