Four new geothermal plants to add 215 MW capacity in Indonesia this year

Drilling rig at Sarulla project, Indonesia (source: Sarulla Operations)
Alexander Richter 27 Feb 2017

Indonesia expect four additional geothermal power plants to start operation this year, adding 215 MW of power generation capacity at Sarulla, Sorik Marapi, Karaha Bodas and Ulubelu.

With geothermal development picking up speed in Indonesia, the Ministry for Energy and Mineral Resources in the country is now expecting four new geothermal plants to start operation this year.

The four new plants will have a combined capacity of 215 MW, and raise Indonesia’s installed geothermal capacity to 1,858 MW.

According to the Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation’s geothermal director Yunus Saefulhak, the power plants are Sarulla Unit II (110 MW) and Sorik Marapi Modular in North Sumatra, Karaha Bodas (30 MW) in West Java, and Ulubelu Unit in Lampung.

Currently, Indonesia has an installed geothermal power generation capacity of 1,643 MW.

Source: Tempo