GEOenergie Bayern planning 2 new projects in Bavaria, Germany

GEOenergie Bayern planning 2 new projects in Bavaria, Germany Schlosskirche Garching an der Alz, Bavaria, Germany (source: Garching an der Alz)
Alexander Richter 4 Jul 2012

German developer GEOenergie Bayern is planning two projects of each 55 MW thermal and 6.5 MW electric generation capacity at Garching an der Alz in Bavaria, Germany with drilling expected to start in the first quarter of 2013.

At a recent press conference, geothermal development company GEOenergie Bayern announced it is planning two projects with combined heating and power generation.

The location is Garching an der Alz, where the company continues work done previously by another player. Early seismic studies in this 87 square kilometer concession area at Garching an der Alz and Kirchweidach are promising with regards to expected temperature and flow rates. At a project close by in Kirchweidach, temperatures of 130 degrees Celsius and a flow rate of 150 liters per second have been reached.

Based on those facts, the company considers two plants for combined heat and power generation. Two plants in this proximity would be new to the German geothermal market and improve supply security. The company now expects 55 MW thermal and 6.5 MW electric generation. Both projects are expected to cost together EUR 140 million (US$ 176 million).

It is expected that seismic studies alone will cost beyond beyond EUR 1 million. The financial backers of the project are based out of London in the UK, where – so the managing director of the company – investors are more risk averse. Early results of seismic studies done   promise water temperatures of 120-130 degrees Celsius at a depth of 2,900 to 3,700 meters.

Drilling is expected to start in Quarter 1 of 2013, there are though further geological studies necessary to determine drilling locations. While the company wants to develop both projects in parallel, the project at Bruck might start first.

Source: Passauer Neue Presse via German Geothermal Association (both in German)