GeoGlobal Energy making inroad into Germany through Erdwärme Oberland

Erdwaerme Oberland, Weilheim/ Bavaria (source: company website)
Alexander Richter 6 Mar 2011

GeoGlobal Energy through its German subsidiary Erdwärme Oberland starts initial work on its Weilheim project in the South of Germany, evaluating now data collected through a recently finished 3D seismic campaign.

In the recent financial results published by state-owned Mighty River Power from New Zealand, the company again mentioned its international activities through GeoGlobal Energy and among other countries its activities in Germany.

GeoGlobal Energy through its subsidiary GeoGlobal Energy Europe has acquired the geothermal lease (exploration license/ Erlaubnisfeld) in Weilheim, Bavaria/ Germany last year. The field is in the Molasse Basin in Southern Germany where currently around 40-50 fields have been given out for exploration work.

The company, Erdwärme Oberland GmbH has announced in February that it has closed its measurement campaign in Weilheim and the surrounding area. From November 2010 until February 2011, a team of specialists worked on a 3D seismic study to look for geothermal reservoirs. As everywhere now the acceptance of the general population is important in doing any geothermal work, and the population affected by this recent study was generally open and willing to allow studies done on their properties.

The 3D seismic was done by a specialised German firm called DMT. The 3D images are providing an overview up to 5,000m deep in the area.

Dr. Markus Wiendieck, Managing Director of Erdwärme Oberland said: „We were able to do our measurement work as planned and within the set time frame. We are grateful to the muncipalities and agencies responsible for permitting. In particular, the company wishes to thank the property owners who allowed measurements on their properties.“

With the data of a previously done 2D measurement campaign from 2007, geologists of the company can now study the exact composition and location of the subsurface geology.

Erdwärme Oberland GmbH (formerly GeoGlobal Energy Europe GmbH) is the owner of the exploration license for the field “Weilheim” and wants to develop its own project for power and heat production. It is part of an international geothermal company with more than 30 years of geothermal project development experience.  The company covers all development steps, from the geological exploration, the drilling campaign to the construction and operation of the power plant.

Source: Erdwaerme Oberland (in German)