Geothermal development possible in Waghäusel, search now on for potential plant location

Geothermal development possible in Waghäusel, search now on for potential plant location 3D rendering of planned geothermal plant (source: DeutscheErdwaerme, ©-SCG-Architekten)
Alexander Richter 14 Oct 2020

German geothermal developer Deutsche Erdwärme AG has reported successful results of its 3D seismic campaign and is now in discussions with authorities to find a location for a planned geothermal plant in Waghäusel in the Upper Rhine region in Germany.

Reported by local news outlet Bruchsaler Rundschau, Karlsruhe-based developer Deutsche Erdwärme has determined the area around the municipality of Waghäusel as a potential location for a geothermal energy plant.

These follows results from a 3D seismic campaign in the region of the Upper Rhine region in the end of 2019. The study searched not only for hot water in a depth of around 3,000 meters but also after fraction zones, which would help utilising the resources on the surface. The company expects sufficient permeability for development. To determine the exact flow rates and potential capacity of a geothermal plant will though still have to be determined through drilling.

Now the company will have to find the right location for the development of a plant and has started talks with the mayor of the Waghäusel municipality, Lord Mayor Walter Heiler and the factions of the city council. With planned power generation and the potential for district heating the location will matter. For the facility, the site will require a size of around 1.5 hectares.

The mayor has said he is open minded to development: “When I am in favour of the energy transition, then I cannot say from the outset that it won’t work on such a topic.“ It is hoped that the decision for a location will be made by spring.

A decision is expected until the spring of 2021. There are no further details available on the results of the study for nearby Philippsburg.

Source: BNN