Geothermal exploration permit issued for horticulture heating project in the Netherlands

Geothermal exploration permit issued for horticulture heating project in the Netherlands Westland Greenhouse, Wateringen, The Netherlands (Source: Flickr/ Jeroen van Luin, Creative Commons)
Alexander Richter 29 Jul 2020

Geothermal developer Geothermie Brabant, a collaboration between Hydreco GeoMEC (now taken over by Engie) and Brabant Energy Fund have secured a geothermal exploration permit for a planned heating project for greenhouse horticulture operations.

The road to geothermal energy is open now that an exploration permit has been issued for Someren and Asten in the Netherlands, so horticulture publication Groeten & Fruit

Hydreco GeoMEC bv and Geothermie Brabant bv are granted a geothermal exploration permit in the area around Someren and Asten. This is evident from a publication in the Government Gazette.

Geothermal energy is an important step for greenhouse growers in the area in the Sustainable Coöperatie Asten-Someren. The gardeners are working on a heat network with different heat sources. Later this year, a wood burning installation with regional pruning wood and waste from compost companies will run on this network. Other growers in the area have also taken their own steps with biomass and a solar park.

The granting of the exploration permit brings geothermal heat development one step closer for growers in the East Brabant area, but it may take years before the drill goes into the ground. The permit is valid for six years.

Geothermie Brabant BV is a collaboration between Hydreco GeoMEC and the Brabant Energy Fund. At the beginning of this year, Hydreco Geomec was taken over by energy giant Engie.

Geothermal energy is lagging behind in Brabant compared to other horticultural provinces. It is not possible everywhere. For example, in the Steenbergen cultivation area in West Brabant, growers have set their sights on residual heat from a waste incinerator (Suez) with CO2 capture. The new SDE ++ scheme may provide a subsidy option for this technology.

Source: Groenten & Fruit