Geothermal food drying facility set up in Balikesir, Turkey

Geothermal food drying facility set up in Balikesir, Turkey Food will be dried with geothermal in Bal?kesir Geothermal Drying Plant plans (source: news visual)
Alexander Richter 2 Sep 2020

Excess water from geothermal heating facilities will be utilised for a food dehydration facility in the municipality of Balikesir, Turkey.

Already previously announced, the “Geothermal Drying Facility” to be established under the leadership of Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality is now being underway with work done on the foundation. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Y?lmaz said: “With this facility we will build, will Bal?kesir’i our products are produced by our local producers dries in 20 districts, will increase the added value markets in Turkey,” he said.

The drying facility was awarded with the project named “Healthy Food with Geothermal” within the scope of the Social Development Support Program (SOGEP) carried out by the Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality, Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Development Agencies. The facility will be implemented under the leadership of Bal?kesir Metropolitan Municipality, in partnership with S?nd?rg? Municipality, Bal?kesir Tar?m Ürünleri A.S., Bal?kesir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, SS Osmanlar District Agricultural Development Cooperative and Yaylabay?r Agricultural Development Cooperative.

The facility, which is expected to cost TL 5.5 million, will be covered by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of 2 million TL, S?nd?rg? Municipality, and the remaining part by Bal?kesir Metropolitan Municipality.

The facility, which will be operated in S?nd?rg? surrounded by geothermal resources on all sides, will be operated with the part of the water used for city heating and thermal tourism in hotels, and then left to nature, and will serve in an environmentally friendly manner. The excess fluid released to the nature with a discharge system at 58 degrees will be used in the drying facility without any additional costs and will be used in the drying facility and the environmental damage will be prevented.

The Geothermal Drying Facility will create employment for women and young people living in S?nd?rg? and its surroundings, while also making a great contribution to the city’s economy.

At the facility, which will contribute to the development of 20 districts and their products to gain added value, the products grown in every district, from Havran’s tangerine to Kepsut’s peach, will be dried and farmers in every region of Bal?kesir will gain more. With the establishment of the facility; By creating added value for the city, out of use agricultural areas will be activated, food losses will be prevented by drying method.

Source: Malatya Guncel, via our Turkish language service JeotermalHaberler