Geothermal is key to achieving net-zero emissions in North Ireland

Geothermal is key to achieving net-zero emissions in North Ireland Coast in Ireland (source: flickr/ Basheer Tome, creative commons)
Carlo Cariaga 22 Jun 2022

A report by researchers at Queen's University Belfast pointed as geothermal as the key to achieving net-zero emission goals in Northern Ireland.

A new report published by researchers at Queen’s University Belfast has identified geothermal as the “invisible key” to unlock new energy sources and to help North Ireland achieve its net-zero emission goals. The report, called “Net Zero Pathways: Building the Geothermal Energy Sector in North Ireland” was launched as part of Northern Ireland’s Geothermal Energy Week and was prepared for the Department for the Economy and the Geothermal Advisory Committee.

As a clean and sustainable source of energy that can be used for both heating and cooling, geothermal energy can be the key for decarbonizing the heat sector of North Ireland, so the report. Geothermal energy can be supplied through ground source heat pumps, direct use systems, or integrated into existing infrastructure for larger deployments.

“Despite over 40 years of geological evidence gathering, which confirms that Northern Ireland has favourable geological conditions for geothermal activity, the findings of our report show an absence of awareness and visibility of the geothermal project activity on the ground.” said QUB Management School’s Prof. Mark Palmer.

The report described the geothermal energy sector in Northern Ireland as being in its “early development phase” and that it needs “market scaffolding” in the form of confidence-building actions that showcase flagship geothermal projects.

Source: Silicon Republic