Geothermal projects included in Turkiye incentives list

Geothermal projects included in Turkiye incentives list Greenhouse view (source: Dikili TDIOSB)
Carlo Cariaga 3 Feb 2023

Two geothermal projects in Aydin and Manisa-Alasehir have been included in the list of companies eligible to receive financial incentives in Turkiye.

Geothermal projects have been included in the list of investment incentive certificates published in the Official Gazette of Turkiye. The list includes 2062 projects and incentives with a total value of TL 84.7 billion (approx. USD 4.5 billion).

Among the companies on the list, TL 690 million was allotted to Open Mountain Turkey Geothermal Energy Production Limited Company in Manisa-Alasehir, and TL 628 million will be provided to the geothermal energy production and distribution projects of HEZ Energy in Aydin Buharkent.

We had previously reported on the geothermal greenhouse and drying facility being planned by HEZ Energy in the Germencik district and the regions of Uzunkum, Morali, and Arganvli.

Companies benefiting from the support will be able to import machinery and equipment with USD 1.3 million without paying customs duty. They will also benefit from various tax exemptions and reductions. Liabilities such as energy expenses, worker wages, SGK premiums and some of the interests of the loans the companies will received will be covered by the state for periods of up to 10 years.

Source: A3 Haber via our JeotermalHaberler