German Geothermal Congress opened today in Essen, Germany

Opening Session, German Geothermal Congress 2013, Essen, Germany (source: GtV)
Alexander Richter 12 Nov 2013

Today, the German Geothermal Congress opened in Essen, Germany. The event will feature 3 days of workshops and specific tracks, as well as a geothermal trade show with Turkey as the partner country.

Today, the German Geothermal Congress 2013 (Deutscher Geothermiekongress) was opened through they mayor of the city of Essen in Germany.

He welcomed the numerous industry representatives and participants of this year’s Geothermal Congress and the Geo-T Expo.

In the opening speeches, several voices highlighted the unclear situation of the feed-in-tariffs in Germany, particularly for geothermal and how difficult this is for the industry.

As part of the congress, there will be a diverse program featuring 13 specific topical tracks and ten workshops with hundreds of participants discussing shallow and deep geothermal topics. There is also a large international offering with Turkey as the partner country of this year’s congress and expo.

The event will though also highlight the opportunities offered by countires in Central America and the Netherlands.

Source: Press release via email