Kopsvatn geothermal plant in Iceland commissions expansion

Kopsvatn geothermal plant in Iceland commissions expansion Kópsvatn geothermal plant, Fludir/ Iceland (source: Climeon)
Alexander Richter 13 Apr 2021

Icelandic developer/ operator Varmaorka has commissioned four additional modules expanding the capacity of the Kopavatn geothermal plant in Fludir, Iceland to 1.2 MW.

Swedish ORC technology provider Climeon announce having commissioned four additional heat power modules for the Kópsvatn geothermal power plant in Flúdir, Iceland. This expands the power plant’s maximum capacity from 600 kW to 1.2 MW.

In 2019, Climeon and Varmaorka’s first power plant was put into operation in Flúdir, Iceland. At that time, four Heat Power modules were installed, giving the power plant a maximum capacity of 600 kW. In 2020, Varmaorka replaced the geothermal well pump which increased the water flow, and in the beginning of 2021 a new cooling solution was put into operation. The upgrades made it possible to expand the power plant and therefore, an additional four Heat Power modules have now been installed.

“This is a fantastic milestone for Climeon. We have known about the benefits of a modular and scalable system, and how it enables gradual expansion as the customer’s financing capabilities improve, for a long time. With this commissioning, we are putting it into practice,” says Jan Bardell, CEO of Climeon.

After the expansion, the power plant’s maximum capacity amounts to 1.2 MW and there is now a total of eight Heat Power modules that supply renewable electricity to the electricity grid. In the coming weeks, the installation will be optimized for full-scale operation.

Source: company release