Learning from space technology and geothermal energy as extraterrestrial energy supply

Learning from space technology and geothermal energy as extraterrestrial energy supply Mars rover (source: flickr/ NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Kevin M. Gill, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 29 Feb 2020

The geothermal sector can profit from technology developed as space exploration efforts, yet also provide an interesting and valid energy option for potential settlements as e.g. planned for Mars in space.

An interesting article was published last week, looks at “Geothermal Outside of (the Box) This World”. The authors Dr. Ken Wisian and Jamie C. Beard, Esq. describe their paired interest in geothermal energy and space, looking were these two disciplines could converge.

A while ago, ThinkGeoEnergy even looked at how we can start drilling on a comet, yet are still challenged by drilling for geothermal resources on Earth, as well as geothermal on a moon of Jupiter. describe that there are several areas of overlap

In their article, the authors look at how technology overlap could be “relevant to the development of next generation geothermal energy concepts in the near term, and the second may be a key enabler for extraterrestrial exploration and settlement by humans.”

First, technology developed for space exploration seems to be a key element, as a lot of technological innovation has come from NASA’s efforts. Several spin-off technologic advancements are connected to the research and development on space flights and exploration.

Technology developed include drilling in challenging or even extreme conditions, easily applicable for similar challenging environments on Earth.

The other element, and probably as if not even more exciting is how geothermal energy could provide energy supply to advances in extraterrestrial settlement efforts.

“Advances in terrestrial geothermal energy production could help enable the future of space exploration. Human travel to and settlement of Mars is the latest buzz, but a sustainable and economical power source on the planet is so far elusive.”

A rather interesting article. For the full piece see link below.