Lithium becomes main emphasis of French geothermal developer

Lithium becomes main emphasis of French geothermal developer Drilling rig of Arverne Drilling on a winter day (source: company)
Alexander Richter 31 May 2021

French geothermal developer Arverne Geothermal has announced a name change to Lithium de France to emphasis its focus on combined lithium and geothermal work.

In an announcement today, French geothermal developer Arverne Geothermal, a subsidiary of Arverne Group, reports a name change to Lithium de France, highlighting its emphasis on France embarking on the great low-carbon lithium adventure. We previously reported on Arverne Geothermal in the context of a geothermal heating project in the North of the Alsace, France.

France has the potential to become a global supplier of low-carbon lithium from geothermal waters, through clean and environmentally friendly extraction. Indeed, some hot water sources used for geothermal energy also contain lithium, a light alkali metal, essential in our energy transition approach. Without Lithium – which is on the European Commission’s list of “critical materials” – a transition towards carbon-free mobility is not possible. France has resources that are still poorly evaluated but certainly sufficient to for a potential national autonomy. This double potential – extracting heat and lithium from the same source – is the basis of the new project launched by the Arverne group.

This innovative project led by Lithium de France (LDF) makes it possible to put the group’s skills and expertise in the fields of subsurface, geosciences and geothermal energy at the service of the energy transition, thus giving birth to a French player and strategic European in this crucial area.

Lithium de France, benefits from the synergy with Arverne Drilling and Arverne Resources, the other subsidiaries of the group, focusing on two complementary activities:

The production of geothermal water and the sale of its calories in short circuits for the benefit of the local economy,
The extraction, processing and sale of geothermal lithium, produced in France.

Thanks to its know-how, the integration of new extraction technologies through innovative processes, Lithium de France is positioned to become a major player in the production of clean lithium, which will meet the needs of industrial players who place the reducing the carbon footprint of their industrial process at the heart of their priority.

The first request for an exclusive exploration permit (PER) for geothermal deposits in northern Alsace, a historic land of geothermal energy where the presence of lithium is proven, was filed in December 2020. It is being examined by the competent authorities . Other major projects, as well as the recruitment of specialists in these fields will be announced shortly by LDF.

Source: Press release by email