Mayor of Buharkent, Turkey aims for district heating with geothermal

Mayor of Buharkent, Turkey aims for district heating with geothermal Pamukören plant, Turkey (source: Verkís)
Carlo Cariaga 18 Apr 2022

Mehmet Erol, who accelerated the works for the heating of Buharkent with geothermal and the development of greenhouse cultivation, aims to heat approximately 4 thousand houses with geothermal.

The mayor of Buharkent, Aydin’s district with a population of 13 thousand, has announced plans to develop geothermal district heating in the Pamukoren and Yore areas. Infrastructure works are expected to start in a week.

Expressing that Turkey, which ranks first in Europe in terms of geothermal resources, cannot use these resources adequately, Mayor Mehmet Erol said: “We will bring our Buharkent together with geothermal, which is a resource that will heat our city four times cheaper than natural gas.” Erol started the project of heating the district with geothermal.

Mayor Erol made some statements on the subject: “We are rapidly continuing our work for the future of Buharkent and geothermal energy. Since we see geothermal as wealth and a value, we want to use it for the benefit of our people. Due to the geothermal law, we could not take advantage of these opportunities.”

“With the support of the resource owners, despite the metropolitan law, we established Buharjet A.S. within the municipality to have this opportunity and started working. When we look at the energy prices in the last period, we will heat all our surrounding neighbourhoods, especially our district centre, with clean energy geothermal, which will save a quarter compared to the current energy, natural gas. Not only that, we will also make use of this cheap energy in our production workplaces, especially in the Organized Industrial Zone.” added Mayor Erol.

Source: Yeni Asir via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler