Model approach for geothermal project financing drawn up for the Netherlands

Model approach for geothermal project financing drawn up for the Netherlands Report screenshot (source: EBN)
Alexander Richter 25 Nov 2020

As part of the work on a Geothermal Master Plan for the Netherlands, EBN and partner Rebel have released a document with a Model Approach to Geothermal Project Finance (unfortunately only in Dutch).

In the Master Plan Geothermal Energy in the Netherlands, various ambitions have been formulated for scaling up geothermal energy in the Netherlands. To this end, actions have been identified in the Master Plan for six thematic main objectives, including ‘Profitable projects’: ensuring profitable projects by reducing costs, uncertainties and risks and increasing returns over the entire life cycle of a project. One of the initiatives that followed after this, with the aim of promoting the upscaling of geothermal energy, is the development of a model approach to financing geothermal energy.

EBN B.V. and Rebel now published the Model Approach Project Funding Geothermal Energy. The Model Approach Project Financing Geothermie has been drawn up for promoters, developers and operators of geothermal projects. It provides concrete tools for the process of successfully attracting project financing for geothermal projects. The development of the model approach is one of the actions of the Masterplan Geothermal energy in the Netherlands.

EBN had asked Rebel to draw up this approach, which includes two products:

  1. A standardized financial model that meets the requirements that financiers usually set and which can serve as a starting point for project-specific financial models; and,
  2. A description of the financing process in which a number of important steps are further explored. The purpose of this is to provide insight into the expectations of financiers and thus to contribute to making the financing process more effective and (cost) efficient.

The geothermal financing model approach has been drawn up for initiators, developers and operators of geothermal projects. Printed copies of the model approach are available. 

If you wish to receive this, or if you have any questions about this product, please indicate this via

The document can be downloaded here (pdf).

Source: EBN