New website for ThinkGeoEnergy live but still being worked on

Snapshot of new ThinkGeoEnergy Website
Alexander Richter 18 Sep 2012

The new ThinkGeoEnergy website went live this morning. While there are still lots of things to fix and adapt in the coming days, we hope it provides an insight into the direction of the new website.

As you have experienced visiting ThinkGeoEnergy, the site has received a fresh look and feel. As you can also see there are still quite a few open ends with regards to content, several design elements and the additional and new features, including the directory and more.

We are working hard to get those things fixed and hope to have this fixed in the next few days. Please accept our apologies if things are not perfect just yet, but there are some technical elements that need further attention in the coming days.

Otherwise we hope you like the new layout, which is supposed to give the site a bit more of a magazine feel and is supposed to – combined with the additional elements to the site – help position geothermal in a similar fashion as other renewable energy technologies are doing it.