Partnership formed for Ziar geothermal project, Slovakia

Partnership formed for Ziar geothermal project, Slovakia Planned geothermal plant at Ziad nad Hronom, Slovakia (source: PW Energy)
Carlo Cariaga 12 May 2022

SSE Holding has formed a partnership with PW Energy to develop the geothermal power project in Ziar nad Hronom, Slovakia with a target operations date of 2026.

Stredoslovenska energetika Holding (SSE Holding) group has acquired a stake in PW Energy through the subsidiary PW Geoenergy. This subsidiary was established primarily for the implementation of a geothermal power plant in the district of Ziar nad Hronom in Slovakia.

The Ziar geothermal power plant has a total expected generation capacity of 20 MWe. Deep geothermal water with an expected temperature of 130 to 140 degrees Celsius will be used to produce electricity using modern technological equipment. Residual heat can then be used for domestic heating, industrial heating, agriculture, and recreational purposes. The project is currently in the final phases of an environmental impact assessment (EIA). These facilities are expected to start operating in 2026.

“We are pleased that the great potential of using geothermal resources for energy purposes has attracted even such a major player as SSE Holding. In the case of the investment in Ziar nad Hronom, together with our second geothermal power plant in the district of Presov in Slovakia, this is a pilot project for the production of electricity from geothermal sources,” said PW Energy Board Chairman Milan Jankura.

“The use of renewable resources is crucial in terms of Slovakia’s energy self-sufficiency. Geothermal energy is one of the most promising sources and it is appropriate that we take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to us in Slovakia.” added SSE Holding spokesperson Michaela Kriva.

Earlier this year, PW Energy issued a pre-tender request for information for drilling services for at least one geothermal well at Ziar nad Hronom, as we reported.

Source: PWEnergy