Permit granted for geothermal exploration in Worth am Rhein, Germany

Permit granted for geothermal exploration in Worth am Rhein, Germany Germersheim, Germany (source: Oliver Dester / flick, Creative Commons)
Carlo Cariaga 29 Jun 2022

An exploration permit for geothermal and lithium has been granted in the town of Worth am Rhein in Germersheim, Germany via Neue Energie Worth (NEW).

Neue Energie Worth (NEW) GmbH has been granted a permit for the exploration of geothermal resources and lithium in the city of Worth am Rhein in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. An objection period will be opened until mid-July to address the concerns of the citizens about the possible risks of geothermal energy.

NEW was jointly founded by the city of Worth am Rhein and Pfalzwerke AG (as equal shareholders) to coordinate and promote the expansion of renewable energy for  both electricity and heating within the city limits.

“I see very good chances of negotiating a solution that is understandable and sustainable for the citizenry,” said Mayor Dennis Nitsche. “The city government is working on a proposal that will be submitted to the city council for a decision. From my personal point of view, it must be ensured that the municipality is actively involved and that there is room for maneuver and decision-making,”

According to Nitsche, the active involvement of the municipality in further development ensures that the concerns of the citizen are taken into account. He intends to act as the moderator for this matter and does not want to take a position for or against geothermal energy.

Source: Die Rheinpfalz