Seeking visibility for your company – check the 2021 Advertisement options on ThinkGeoEnergy

Seeking visibility for your company – check the 2021 Advertisement options on ThinkGeoEnergy ThinkGeoEnergy Website December 2020
Alexander Richter 18 Dec 2020

Are you seeking to gain more visibility for your company in 2021? Check out what ThinkGeoEnergy and its Spanish and Turkish-language service platforms can offer you and your company.

With renewal for advertisement space on ThinkGeoEnergy for 2021 in full swing, we feel an increased interest in visibility on our website. So we wanted to share with you a few details on changes coming and new opportunities to engage with us on visibility for your company.

Offering a now more transparent approach to pricing, adapted package approach and wider accessibility, we believe to provide a great package for you and your company. Want to learn more how you can engage with us and request our media kit, drop us an email at news [at]

Founded in 2008, ThinkGeoEnergy has established itself as the leading source of geothermal news and the most respected source on information on global geothermal energy development. Particular in the past 10 months, the virtual nature of things, clearly has increased the need for virtual news and visibility.

The ThinkGeoEnergy team based in Reykjavik/ Iceland, Izmir/ Turkey, Santiago/ Chile and Manila/ Philippines is operating three sites. The main platform, and the language specific sites of for the Spanish-speaking world, and JeotermalHaberler for Turkey.

ThinkGeoEnergy is the main platform with today around 50,000 visitors and 108,000 page views per month. The average visitor is around 3 minutes on the site.

In order to better serve our advertisement partners and be more concise, we have established a new package-based advertisement model. The goal is to be more transparent in what we offer, at the same time increase the value to our advertisement partners. With that and a different pricing model we offer better options and tailored opportunities. The packages are based on the positioning on the website and include different elements. To learn more check out our media kit (pdf) or click on it below.


As part of those efforts, we will adapt the advertisement on the site, as you can see in the overview below.


We will also add further elements to the website, some are still in stealth mode, so you have to wait, yet a new page will feature profiles of all the advertising partners of ThinkGeoEnergy.

While overall pricing has gone up for ThinkGeoEnergy, there are now better and more affordable options to advertise on ThinkGeoEnergy, and our sister publications of PiensaGeotermia and JeotermalHaberler.

Please engage with us  and request the media kit for details on the advertisement and how we can help you promote you and your business to the geothermal world.

For now you might also want to check out our newly updated geothermal power plant map.

We thank all our partners for their continued support.