Seismic campaign indicates geothermal prospects at La Cote, Switzerland

Seismic campaign indicates geothermal prospects at La Cote, Switzerland Nyon on Lake Geneva, Switzerland (source: flickr/ patrick_nouhailler, creative commons)
Carlo Cariaga 2 Jul 2022

A prospecting campaign has identified more than 10 potential geothermal sites at La Cote, Switzerland, with the most promising site located in the town of Nyon.

More than 10 promising sites for geothermal development have been identified in the La Cote region along Lake Geneva in Switzerland. The sites were identified after three weeks of seismic surveys across 30 municipalities in the Nyon and Morges districts, plus several months of data analyses and interpretation.

The seismic survey indicated the presence of natural faults and geothermal reservoirs. The ten sites that were deemed as suitable for exploitation are in the Nyon-Prangins, Signy, Rolle, Aubonne-Etoy sectors and the Biere plateau. The projects are collectively referred to as EnergeO La Cote.

Incidentally, many of the identified sites are within the same fault region as the EnergeO Vinzel project. We had previously reported on the construction of the well pad for this project but recent information states that its drilling platform is now near completion. Two boreholes approximately 2300 meters deep are planned to be drilled for EnergeO Vinzel. Drilling is scheduled to start by autumn 2022.

Among the sites identified by the prospecting campaign, the site located in the town of Nyon is considered the most promising. The site’s location along the Bonmont-Yvoire fault should make it possible to access the Dogger aquifer at about 2300 meters depth. A suitable drilling site has been identified for the potential Nyon project.

Source: La Cote