Southampton/ UK celebrates 25 years of geothermal heating

Southampton District Energy Scheme geothermal heating plant, UK (source: commons wikimedia, suitcivil)
Alexander Richter 2 Dec 2011

Earlier this week in the UK, the Southampton District Energy Scheme celebrated 25 years of operations in a ceremony. The heat system provides geothermal heating for 45 major city centre buildings, as well as chilled water for air conditioning.

The geothermal district heating system which is part of Southampton’s District Energy Scheme celebrated its 25th year since being introduced earlier this week.

“The geothermal system, which pumps hot brine from 200 million-yearold rock a mile below the ground, provides heating for 45 major city centre buildings, including WestQuay Shopping Centre and the Royal South Hants Hospital.

The Combined Heat and Power system also provides hot and chilled water for heating, air conditioning and electricity.

Southampton’s environment boss, Cllr Dan Fitzhenry, said: “The scheme and partnership has been the foundation of the council’s nationally-acclaimed environmental credentials.”

Source: Daily Echo