Spanish Bleninser planning 10MW project in Granada, Spain

Spanish Bleninser planning 10MW project in Granada, Spain Guadix, Granda, Spain (source: flickr/ Twaize, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 10 Jul 2012

Spanish shallow geothermal specialist Bleninser is planning to develop a 10 MW geothermal power plant project in Guadix, northern Granada in Spain with the support of UK based EGS Energy.

Reported already in June, Spanish shallow geothermal company Bleninser is planning a 10 MW geothermal power plant in the northern part of the province of Granada.

“The plant will be located in the hills near Guadix in Granada.  A test well has been drilled to 600m and conductivity tests carried out, yielding satisfactory results.  The production and re-injection wells are planned to be of the order of 3,500m deep.  The development will take place over the coming three years and the operating lifetime is estimated to be 30 years.

Antonio Martin, CEO of Bleninser, said: “Bleninser’s thinking is that we need to exploit high enthalpy geothermal energy to generate electricity.  This is a clean and renewable energy of the future, as fossil fuels become increasingly expensive and limited.”

The company is supported by UK based EGS Energy in its activities and has announced a 50% JV investment in Ciclo Binario SA for the development of this binary power technology project.

The project is planned to cost EUR30 million (US$37 million), which sounds relatively low compared to similar projects in Europe. It is to state that current electricity prices are not favourable for geothermal development so it will be interesting learning more on the economics of the project.

Source: EGS Energy