Star Energy plans up to 1,200 MW geothermal expansion by 2028

Sibayak, geothermal plant, Lampung/ Indonesia (source: arthaliwa.wordpress)
Parker O'Halloran 12 Jun 2017

Star Energy is planning to increase its geothermal power production capacity to 1,200 MW by 2028.

Star Energy is planning to increase its geothermal power production capacity to 1,200 MW by 2028. This is according to Communication Coordinator of Star Energy, Hadi Kuwoyo, as told to reporters in Bogor, Indonesia,

“Of course this requires a process and will come in stages – we also have explored in Lampung and Sulawesi for new geothermal resources later.”

Mr. Kuwoyo said that currently 934 MW of Star Energy production capacity is supplied from three geothermal units, namely Mount Salak’s 377 MW, 275 MW of Darajat, and Wayang Windu PLTP of 287 MW. According to Hadi, the increase in production capacity is a commitment of Star Energy in supporting the government’s program to provide electricity and geothermal resources.

“We are committed to being a supplier of electricity to the country.” he said.

Star Energy is the largest geothermal power plant (PLTP) operator in Indonesia after the acquisition of two Chevron Corporation assets, Mount Salak and Darajat (Antara news, April 16, 2017).The Star Energy Consortium on March 31, 2017 has completed the acquisition of two Chevron PLTP assets, namely Mount Salak and Darajat. Meanwhile, for Chevron’s geothermal assets in the Philippines at the latest by the end of 2017.

On December 22, 2016, Star Energy and Chevron Consortium signed a “share sale and purchase agreement” for two assets in Indonesia and one asset in the Philippines. The acquisition value of these three assets is estimated at US $2.3 billion  or equivalent to Rp31 trillion. The Star Energy consortium for Chevron’s managed gas purchase consists of Star Energy Group Holding, Star Energy Geothermal, AC Energy (Ayala Group in the Philippines), and EGCO from Thailand.

The Start Energy Group holds 68.31 percent of the consortium share, while AC Energy is 19.3 percent, and EGCO 11.89 percent. Two Chevron PLTP assets in Indonesia sold to Star Energy Consortium are Mount Salak in Bogor, West Java and Darajat in Garut, West Java. Meanwhile, the assets in the Philippines are 40 percent stake in PLTP Tiwi-Makban with a total capacity of 326 MW.

Source: Warta Ekonomi