Start of construction for Kirchanschöring geothermal project

Start of construction for Kirchanschöring geothermal project Kirchanschöring in the spring, Bavaria/ Germany (source: Anna König, commons.wikimedia)
Alexander Richter 27 Apr 2020

Early civil works for construction of a combined geothermal heat and power plant in Kirchanschöring, Germany have started.

Last week, early civil works started for the construction of the Kirchanschöring geothermal power plant in Bavaria, Germany.

The excavators are digging large trenches preparing for water pipes, sewage, electricity and internet. Development planning is going on under

“The geothermal power plant is developed from Leobendorfer Straße. For this purpose, the existing gravel path is paved accordingly and, if necessary, asphalted. The lines required for the power plant are also to be laid on this street. The route for district heating is already planned here The electricity generated in the power plant should then be fed into the network via a new transformer station west of the existing shed on the railway line, “said engineer Helmut Schmid. “The project developer is Geothermie Rupertiwinkel GmbH with its headquarters in Munich.”

The geothermal property needs a sufficiently developed access. Helmut Schmid said that the company had a detailed development plan drawn up for the road access to the drilling sites and the power plant. The plans also provide for the pavement and the partial asphalting of the road, which will also provide a turning option for trucks. The new access road, which is up to five meters wide, also runs along the railway line later and extends to the technical building of the geothermal power plant. “We expect this first development work to be completed in about three weeks,” said Schmid. By then there will be around 400 meters of cables and lines for supplying and removing the drilling site in the ground.

Source: Chiemgau24