The vibrations caused by these three trucks are similar to the noise generated by the passage of a military vehicle or a heavy agricultural machine. The nuisance caused will be noticeable for about 30 seconds. The population has been sensitized.

The campaign, which will take place during the week, is split into two routes: an 11 km line going from Bière to Montricher and a second, 27 km long, starting from Nyon to the Aubonne / Etoy region. The route will also include Vinzel, in order to cross-reference the surface data with those that will be obtained thanks to the drilling planned for summer 2022 in this town.

The operation of the reservoirs would heat many households and businesses in the La Côte region, the press release said. First estimates should be available at the end of the campaign. The final results will be known in the first quarter of 2022.

Reduction of CO 2 emissions in the region

If the conclusions turn out to be positive, medium-depth geothermal drilling projects (from 1,000 to 2,000 meters) will be initiated. They will ultimately contribute to the significant reduction of CO 2 emissions in the region.

The Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has decided to grant the project a contribution of 60% of the eligible costs, or nearly 3.4 million francs. For Confederation experts, the campaign will significantly improve the probabilities of locating several geothermal reservoirs.

The basis of this contribution is the law on CO 2 Since 2018, it has made it possible to support the direct use of geothermal energy for heat production, in order to help reduce CO 2 emissions in the buildings sector.

Exclusive right to the company

Following the unopposed investigation procedure, this prospecting campaign can be launched by obtaining, on June 15, a “surface exploration permit”, as well as an authorization. of special methods issued by the Vaud Department of the Environment and Security (DES).

According to the cantonal law on subsoil natural resources, this permit grants an exclusive right to EnergeÔ SA. It covers a prospecting area which mainly covers the district of Nyon and the southwestern part of the district of Morges, for a total area of ??414 km2.

The EnergeÔ La Côte project brings together several partners: the Société Électrique des Forces de l’Aubonne (SEFA), the Intercommunal Electricity Company of La Côte (SEIC), the Industrial Services of the City of Nyon (SIN), as well as Romande Energie.

Source: Blick